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Gianni Pettena

Gianni Pettena

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Vivian Maier

From Self-portraits

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Williams Grove

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

July, 2014

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Get Thee Behind Me Satan

Ella Fitzgerald

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Elinor Carucci (Israeli-American, b. 1971)Cherries I ate by Myself, 2003©Elinor Carucci/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery


Elinor Carucci (Israeli-American, b. 1971)
Cherries I ate by Myself, 2003
©Elinor Carucci/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery

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Classic robotriley.

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Snapshots from camping in the Humboldt Redwoods, July 2011

about to be here a whole week


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Happy #pridesf !!! #getwhatyouwantsf #idlehandsf @idlehandsf  (at Idle Hand Tattoo)


Happy #pridesf !!! #getwhatyouwantsf #idlehandsf @idlehandsf (at Idle Hand Tattoo)

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SOUTHERN AFGHANISTAN. 1978. Portraits of Baloch women and girls in traditional clothes. 

Photographs by Roland and Sabrina Michaud. 

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"The only surviving fragment of Winsor McCay’s now lost The Centaurs, produced in 1921 by Rialto Productions. The animation is notable for it’s particular quality of line and movement way ahead of its time (20 years before Disney would reach such heights with Fantasia) and for a strange little moment when one of the centaurs strikes down a bird with a stone for seemingly no reason." Via.

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anjelica huston, 1968

anjelica huston, 1968

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